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Date: ___________________ 

TXU Electric Distribution Attention: Customer Care Center
P.O. Box 660476
Dallas, Texas 75266 

Dear Representative: 

This letter serves as authorization for TXU Electric Distribution to provide to  Texas Commercial Energy IDR Billing Meter Data for the most recent 12 months of billed data on behalf of ___________________________________       for the location(s) listed below.  E-mail address of where data file(s) will be sent:  ________________________________  The information below must include ESI ID(s) and service address of each ESI ID(s) for which data is requested.


Account Number or ESI ID(s)




1. _________________________________




2. _________________________________




3. _________________________________




4. _________________________________




 Name       _______________________________

 Signature   _______________________________

 Title          _______________________________

 Phone       _______________________________


Must have name and signature of Officer or Director of the Company listed above.

FAX THIS COMPLETED FORM TO 817-498-9820 OR 978-246-6148

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