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Hear what Texas Business owners are saying about TCE!

"We chose TCE because of its ability to dramatically reduce our electricity costs while providing Miller with the highest quality service. Through TCE, we're able to significantly cut our operating costs and reinvest those dollars back into our business."
-Joe Jernigan, Miller of Dallas

"The two major factors in our decision to switch to Hino/TCE were the lower pricing and the consistent, simple billing process. Paying less for our electricity is great, and we know that Hino/TCE is there to offer cost saving solutions that enable us to add to our bottom line."
-Lewis Riviera, Quik-to-Fix

Their operating model ensures the lowest rates and best service available today:

Texas Commercial Electric buys exclusively from a select few generation companies - our volume buying means lower prices to you. They have the financial backing necessary to ensure steady, reliable service for years to come.

They are a "flat" organization. This means a lean and efficient business that operates at less cost, which translates into even lower prices to you. It also means faster response time.

They are customer focused. If they can't show you how to lower your operating costs significantly, you have no incentive to switch. So they look at your big picture and find creative ways to help make all of your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

They're there when you need them. The first 90 days after switchover can be a nightmare for new customers. They avoid this by equipping you with a single point of contact at TCE who will know your business and respond to your needs quickly. They help you take care of changeover issues with previous electric providers and ERCOT. They meet personally with your staff to set up new billing processes and ensure that their expectations are met. This approach not only shortens the changeover process. It takes the pain out of switching and establishes a strong foundation for future relations.

Here are some of the leading Texas businesses that have chosen TCE as their Retail Energy Provider.

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